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Oct. 31st, 2008


Home again

Wow, my last post was from France??? Well, after Nice and the day trip to Monaco we went to Lyon, which was very nice. A cute little city with a nice hill with panoramic views as well as 2 Roman theatres which were very nice indeed. Weird thing in Lyon was that we had a choice of a room in a hotel with a window, or a shower. First night we chose the shower, then we chose the window... ridiculous!

Lyon was followed by Paris, a very big city with a lot to see, but it's all spread out, so we had to take the Metro everywhere. We went on 2 walking tours and saw where Amelie Poulin was filmed. We returned the next day for a drink at the café where she worked.

We also went on a day trip to Mont St-Michel which was a very interesting place, if touristy. We walked up and down around the village staircases and streets (including a path that was only about 2 feet wide!

After Paris, a train ride to Calais and a boat to Dover and finally a bus to Canterbury where we stayed right outside the cathedral close. No sightings of the archbishop though. Canterbury is a very nice town, old and quaint yet somewhat international. Quite an interesting place. We went on a ghost tour which was interesting as well as an evening service in the Cathedral.

Finally on to London where we again went on 2 walking tours which were very interesting. We also went to services at Westminster Abbey (2 services as the clocks changed and we didn't know it!) We went to Harrod's and saw the "Dude" (Mr. Al Fayed) who runs the shop and passed by Buckingham Palace and saw that the Queen was in and caught some of the changing of the guard. The hoards of people though made it hard to see anything, until we decided to leave and nearly got run over by the men in bear skin hats.

A final day-trip to Bath, Stonehenge and Salisbury which were all very interesting places, and then the next day, on the train to Gatwick, plane to Toronto and finally a plane to Montreal.

But it didn't stop there, we had to go to Richard's to pick up the keys and drop Dave off at the bus station before finally arriving at home.

Oct. 18th, 2008


Nice was nice

Nice was very nice indeed. We daytripped over to Monaco, but didn't see Wally Raymond... The beach, the sea and warmth were all very good.

We then went over to Lyon were we saw the Rhone river and wandered around in French land. Now we're in Strasbourg which is architecturally quite different from anywhere else we've been, except maybe Amsterdam.

Anyway tomorrow it's off to Paris if we can get a spot on a train. We have to take the TGV so places have to be reserved.

Still enjoying the trip, but this keyboard is driving me NUTS. Can't wait to get home soon and use my own appliances and not have to pack every second day... (We arrive on the 30th in the evening)

Oct. 10th, 2008



Dad, that reply was from me by the way ;) Well, we only made it to Verona for one day after all and stayed in Venice for a couple of days. Both cities are very nice and interesting. We took a boat ride this morning, well, actually the bus, but they don't have wheels on their vehicles, they're all boats! Garbage boats, bus boats, delivery boats, etc. Today we came to Nice, it took about 9 hours all together. Crazy!!! Anyway, we found a place with no trouble and here I am on the net.

Anyway, Italy was nice, but now we're on the Med. Sea. Very nice train ride. Oh yeah, about Italy, it was fun, but it's also nice to understand the language around you (for once in a month!)

So I guess that's it, it's dark here now, so no views yet. We're both still well and as I mentioned below, we have about 2k pics for you all when we get back. We'll try to push it up to 3000 if we can, just to keep you for a few hours on the couch looking at them all ;)

Signing off...

Oct. 5th, 2008



AHA! I'm Italy!!! I've been to Rome, it was nice but a little too much and very touristy, I guess that's because I'm a tourist and go to all the tourist places. The other areas of these towns always seem to be a little nicer and a lot less fake... Much like Quebec City I guess, Ste-Foy seems like a better place to live than right inside the walls... but of course there's nothing to see but 3 giant shopping malls!

So after Rome we went to Florence and today went on a day-trip to Pisa and saw the leaning tower. Wow, what a lean! I couldn't help but think "Poor guy, he must have been really disappointed when he saw the whole thing tip over!!!" The weird thing is the cathedral is in great shape and so is the baptistry, which are only meters away. And that, children, is why we don't copy work off our neighbours!

Florence is a nice city with lots to see, but still it's pretty dirty. I guess that's what you get when thousands of tourists pass through your city every day!

Tomorrow we're off on a day trip to Siena and then to Verona, yes, the fair city where the Capulets and Montagues had it out many moons ago.

Hope all is well with everyone across the pond!

Sep. 29th, 2008



Here's a pic of me in Prague, and no, I haven't shaven in a while...



So, we've reached Prague, Praha, Praga or however you want to spell it! It is quite an interesting city, but the local food seems to be mashed vegetables and meat.... very interesting... Oh well, the beer is cheap, just had pint, from a can in a grocery store at around 1.50$CAN, crazy eh? Vanessa has discovered mulled wine, it goes for about 1 or 2 dollars on the street corners. Coffee here is more scarce than in Germany though, where it was quite good. If I want a regular coffee though, it always has to be an Americano... so usually I go for a cappucino or something that tastes like it should.

The city is very toursity though, lots and lots to see, but then it just becomes too much, or even normal to see gothic buildings on every street corner and fancy art-nouveau or renaissance architecture every 5 paces.

Next we're off to Rome, probably tomorrow evening. We'll see just how easy it is to fly there, otherwise we'll take another detour, (like the Amsterdam via Glasgow and Brussels route or the Prague via Cologne and Berlin!).

Anyway, we're doing well, I just bought a second pair of pants as my other pair was wearing a little thin. It's colder here than I expected it to be!

Sep. 24th, 2008


leaving Cologne

so we are leaving Cologne for Berlin. Taking a night train with a bunch of transfers, should be fun!!! Oh well, we don´t have to pay for a night at a hostel this way.

Cologne was fun, we went on some interesting walks around roman ruins. Quite nice. Not much news about Oktoberfest though, I guess that's a good thing considering the number of people in Munich now and trying to find a place to sleep.

Sep. 21st, 2008



How do we get out of here???? We're trying to look for a way to move on, but nothing seems to get us where we want to go for a decent price.

Anyway, we'll go to the bus station and ask there.

The city is quite architecturally interesting and the canals are quite the maze. It's very easy to get around, as long as you know where you're going.

An interesting fact about the buildings is that a lot of them are built leaning towards the street. A beam with a hook is also installed at the peak of the facade. This, apparently, was and is used to move furniture in and out of the buildings. The staircases and hallways are very narrow and the lean of the building is so they didn't bump the furniture on the facing. They did this because the taxes were calculated according to the width of your house and flooding of the basements was quite common, which makes storing things upstairs an interesting idea. (how's that for a run-on sentence?)

Guess that's it for now, must be off to find a way out of here. Oktoberfest awaits but it won't wait long. Hope we can find a place to stay, wherever we go!

hopefully the next post will be from somewhere else ;)

Sep. 19th, 2008


How did I end up in Amsterdam?

Well, I'm here anyway, in Amsterdam. We'll be taking a walking tour this afternoon to explore a little. Wow though, there are a lot of bicycles here. But don't worry, they put out their share of air pollution with the legalized pot.

We passed through Brussels to get here. That's a nice city, but we got tired of it being a big city with so many big buildings.

We're planning on staying here for a couple of days until we decide on another city to see.

Hope everyone is well!

Sep. 15th, 2008


Still Scotland!

So we're still here in Scotland, Glasgow now, it seems to be much the same kind of city as Montreal, well compared to the obvious history of Ediburgh and Inverness.

We just bought tickets to Brussels and we'll be leaving tomorrow.  It seems Scotland has been expensive, here's hoping the rest of Europe won't be so bad.  The busses between cities are, however, pretty cheap.  I guess that's where we are and what's going on, not much else is happening. 

We did see Edinburgh Castle and passed by Holyrood Palace where the Queen stays when she's here.  We hiked up Arthur's seat, nice walk if you've got the right shoes and the weather was fine.  I tried your trick Louise, tying your laces tighter at the top while going down.  It really helped!  We saw swans down at the bottom too.  We generally enjoyed Edinburgh but the weather here in Glasgow is pretty awful.

Ok, that's it, we're outta here to buy some food at the grocery store.  Hope all is well with everyone! Thanks for the comments too!

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